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MusicAlbum release concert

14 Jun21:00

Building 7C

The singer, pianist and ambient composer Maroulita de Kol is coming on Friday June 14th to Plyfa to present to the Greek public for the first time the full-length album Anásana and the EP Anatélo together with the percussionist Giorgos Stavridis.

Ambient mystical spells dressed with piano melodies meet favorite traditional pieces in a music that is primal and at the same time surprisingly modern.

The orchestration and themes of the music are borrowed both from the traditional rituals of Greece, as well as from the meditative electronic ambient music and are directly connected to the love and admiration for nature. Music as an act of freedom and beauty.

Doors open at 20:30




Maroulita de Kol, based in Berlin and originally from Athens, creates inspired by the music and rituals of the Greek tradition, which she re-presents through a modern lens. Having studied classical piano and traditional singing and having an unbreakable bond with Greece she finds herself in an extensive and continuous immersion in the mythologies, arts and narratives of her ancestors. All this led her to the solo projects Anatélo (EP) and Anásana (LP) which were released in 2023 by the British label Phantom Limb.

A founding member of Reverse Mode (album Mora 2018), Arcangel Trio (album Golden Sheep 2022) Twin Flames Ensemble and Farmagia Ensemble, de Kol has performed throughout Europe and composed music for plays, performances, films and documentaries. Her music is primal and at the same time surprisingly modern.

He believes in the healing power of art.

* * *

Giorgos Stavridis explores the inherent sonic possibilities of percussion instruments, electronic media and objects, through construction, on-site action and improvisation. His musical practice is defined by the convergence of the activities of listening, improvisation and composition as mutual and inextricably linked relationships with bodily action, instruments-objects and each specific space and time.

He is a member of Trigger Happy and the Music Radio Research and Rescue Center with their latest venture the founding of the online experimental radio station He has presented his work in numerous concerts and festivals in Greece and abroad. He is a graduate of the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University and the postgraduate program Contemporary Performance and Composition.




  • Piano, Voice:
  • Drums, objects, synth: