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Shadow TheaterKostas Makris, Babis Makris, Stavros Xiouras

19 MaySun12:00

Building 7A

presents a show for the whole family

The traditional karagiozis player Kostas Makris in a unique collaboration with the musician Stavros Xiouras.

This show is performed in Greek.

A new comedy full of melodies from the piano of Stavros Xiouras and hilarious jokes from Karagiozis of Makris for the whole family!

Vezyropoula returns from her studies abroad and having acquired a European musical education, she asks her father Pasha to organize a magnificent concert in Serai. An order is immediately issued to find a conductor of great scope together with a pianist, so that Veziropoulas’ wish can be fulfilled.

Karagiozis hearing this order immediately thinks that it is a unique opportunity to fill his permanently empty belly and also to feed his family. Will he be able to play the piano and get the job or will he fail?


Kostas Makris – Karagiozopaichtis, painter

The puppeteer and painter Kostas Makris was born in Patras. He studied for many years with great karagiozo players, such as Giannaros, Sotiris Aspiotis, Mitsakis and Costaros. It has been artistically active for four decades, both in Patras and throughout Greece. In 1989, he received, with his artistic work, the “İpekçi” award in Istanbul, while his works are hosted in the “Musée de l’Homme” in Paris. In 2004, E.L.I.A. (Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive) chose Kostas Makris, to present his performances in Athens, in the context of the Cultural Olympiad.
Since then and until today, his collaboration with E.L.I.A. continues, as a person in charge in the field of Shadow Theater. The “Patra Cultural Capital 2006” organization collaborated with Kostas Makris in the section of the 10-day events dedicated to the Hellenic Shadow Theatre. Several works of the folk painter – karagiozopaichte Kostas Makris are housed in the Museum of Man (France), as well as in private collections abroad (Italy, USA and elsewhere).
Babis Makris – Shadow Theater Artist, Folk Painter, Director
Babis Makris was born in Patras, on December 8, 1995.
At the age of 5, he gave his first performance, lasting 45 minutes, at the Castle of Rio and as part of the “State for Children” events.
The following year, he “opened” the International Film Festival in Pyrgos with the saying of Karagiozis “We will eat, we will drink and we will sleep fasting”.

His love for shadow theater and painting was evident from a young age, when he began to design and construct figures and sets, starting with the original works of Kostas Makris, but also of all the great craftsmen of Popular Culture housed in the Makris Archive.
In 2012, he appeared as a guest for the first time at “Spatharia” with the original comedy “O Karagiozis and the aliens”, attracting impressive reviews
In the summer of 2017, he participated in the It’s Kale Festival of Ioannina, presenting the show “The Lake of Sighs”, in its natural setting, next to the Lake and the tomb of Ali Pasha.
This was followed by participation in many Shadow Theater Festivals throughout Greece.

Stavros Xiouras – piano, clarinet, saxophone

He was born in Patras and studied at the Department of Folk and Traditional Music of the Department of Artistic Studies of the University of Ioannina, specializing in the traditional clarinet.
He started learning music from an early age with the piano as his first instrument, then he came into contact with the traditional clarinet and saxophone.
At the same time he completed his studies in higher theoretical and
he holds degrees in Harmony, Counterpoint, Wind Instrument Arrangement and Fugue.
He has collaborated with renowned musicians at events and festivals as well as with the DIPETHE of Patras, in the performance “Theatrical Analogies-Scriptures of the Revolution”, directed by Dimitris Georgalas.