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MusicChristina Maxouri

07 Mar—25 AprThu21:00

Building 7C

Third round of performances

“Songs of Salvation”, one of the most beloved shows of recent years, are returning once again to the artistic life of Athens! Christina Maksouri and four exceptional folk musicians set up their stage again and invite us on a journey through the life and songs of Sotiria Bellou. From Thursday March 7th and every Thursday at 21:00, a great celebration dedicated to the “Princess of Rebetiko” awaits us at PLYFA.

The actress Christina Maksouri, one of the remarkable voices of the younger generation, having to her credit, particularly successful musical performances, personal albums and participations in third party albums and concerts, with the characteristic metal and the distinctive interpretation, gives new life to the songs of Sotiria to today. Along with the songs, Maksouri narrates short stories and short incidents from the life of the unsurpassed performer, through words of Bellou herself, but also of people who knew her.
Favorite songs performed by Bellou and etched in the history of Greek music, such as Wandering Life, You don’t talk, I walk like an outcast, Don’t cry, I said to erase the old ones, The mountains are chanting, Don’t run away from me anymore, With planes and steamships , and many more, are brought back to life in the show in a simple yet meaningful way. It is no coincidence that it is often mentioned that Maksouri’s voice and the way she “presses” the words have something from Bellou. And yet, those who have already watched the show, talk about a purely her own way of interpreting these songs.

Together with Dimitris Haliotis, they have done the research and signed the artistic supervision of the show, which started its course in the summer of 2021 in the context of the Athens Epidaurus Festival with four sold out nights at the “Stecki tou Ilias” in Thisio, it was repeated a little later at the Hamam music scene in Petralona and last winter with consecutive sold outs in the special PLYFA venue, while he has toured inside and outside of Athens (Tino Festival, Zakynthos, Syros – Documenting Heritage Festival, Mykonos Art Festival, Routes in Marpissa, Ag. Friday – Cultural Meetings at the Municipal Library).

They said about the show:
It is like setting up a small celebration with friends, who after a long time meet again and share moments, feelings and songs. They become a company again, a hug with things in common, which bring us all together and make us love the people around us more. Everything in this celebration is simple, simple, that’s why it’s magical. – George Mitropoulos – Euronews
On a stage, four musicians and Christina Maksouri in the center remind us why the great Sotiria Bellou still moves. This is the magic of this job. It puts you in the world of Bellou and together in the world of another Greece and lets you wander freely. Christina Maksouri’s bone-shattering voice, modest and Doric presence. Just like Belle was. – Natasha Mastorakou –

Christina Maksouri and Dimitris Haliotis made a poem performance. We laughed, we sang, we were moved, we cried… The songs of Salvation were one of the performances that I will remember forever in my life. – Christos Papamichalis – Athens 984

The modesty with which Christina Maksouri and her four musicians present Bellou’s life and approach her songs make the spectators, regardless of age, feel comfortable singing along. – Ioanna Sotirchou – The Journal of Editors

There is something handmade about this work, each time it is not quite the same as the last. Christina, sitting on the stage and flanked by four excellent musicians, addresses the audience as if she were in a company. The show premiered at the Athens Epidaurus Festival in the summer of 2021 and has since won many “lives” – not without reason. -Xenia Georgiadou – Daily

A wonderful musical performance with songs and stories from the fictional life of the unpilgrimaged rebbe Sotiria Bellou. When you hear “Raise my soul, give me power” you shudder even today. – Electra Zargani – Documento


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