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MusicThe Model Spy, Bhukhurah, Jef Maarawi

27 JunThu20:30

Building 7G

An indie / folk / neo-psychedelic pop night in the heart of Athens, on the last Thursday of June.

Model Spy return to PLYFA after their sweeping pure indie pop passage from the same stage last September, as part of the Agoraphobic Festival. It will be only their second appearance with this line-up, which includes members of My Wet Calvin, Spiral Trio and Metaman.

Bhukhurah, aka Christos Bekiris, a key member of CHICKN and Callas, has also participated in albums and bands as a guitarist (e.g. Prins Obi & the Dream Warriors), producer (The Model Spy), mixing engineer (in Vassilina) and DJ (Complex Shadow, ATH Kids). Very recently, he filed the wonderful “Hello My Name Is”, which is a fitting introduction to the multifaceted neo-psychedelic indie pop universe that treads with one foot, leaving the other foot in the air, ready to lean on anywhere from folk and blues to Motown and disco.

Jef Maarawi, the Greek-Brazilian troubadour next door, looks like the only solo project in town that can reunion with itself. His sound, familiar flawless indie/folk, which gets better with each release, matters little compared to the exuberant, disarming immediacy of a figure as enlightened as he is self-destructive, who could sing heavy folk or poke minimal techno and be just as riveting.

21.00 Jef Maarawi
21.50 Bhukhurah
22.50 Model Spy
*Door open at 20.30

The Model Spy photo: Philippos Margalias